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Why we do not have a Phone number at our contact us page?

Our customers have told us they're most satisfied with their support experiences when they get an answer which is quick, comprehensible, and accurate. Based on our previous experiences and customer inputs, email support best achieves these objectives. It allows us to provide reference links, screenshots, and answers to frequently asked questions as needed.


Please contact us via email, and we will strive to delight you with our response. We generally get to all emails within 12 hours.


Please describe your problem with screenshot and other details if you are reporting an error or bug.

Our Product does not have a feature you need :

We can customize our software especially for you as per your imagination. We have been working Microsoft Office related technologies for 8+ years and we are confident to enhance any kind of functionality to process Office Documents and automattion. Please Contact Us at above mentioned email address

Do you have nice suggestion or new feature request for next version of our products :

We would be happy to reward you with free updated copy of that product if we incorporate your suggestion / feature into our forth-coming version.


Please write your views on Email Address mentioned above.

If you have purchased our product but haven’t received Registration Email yet !

We would send you the Registration Code at your email address. There is a possibility that our email is spam-filtered at your end; hence we request you to please check your SPAM folder first at your end before emailing back to us. In case if you are using anti-spam software then you can add our email address in your 'safe list' so you can be sure that you receive our registration email on time.

If you have lost registration key

Please email us along with your Order No. which you receive while registering it. This will help us to give you Priority on Email support. In case if you do not have Order No. then please email us from the registered email id (email id which you used at the time of your purchase) along with your Name.

Do you have any difficulties to order our products?

Please complete the order by fax or phone and Plimus will manually process your order.
OR Please email at with a brief description about the situation and product you want to purchase. You can also Call Plimus at 1-866-4PLIMUS or 1-858-350-7473 (Toll-free in the US and Canada).


"We have many separate .xls files that, if the government makes a change in the wording of a form, they all have to be updated. Find and Replace Tool for Excel worked great and saved us a lot of time updating about 400 .xls files. "

- Kevin Prince, QuickPatents, Inc

"We have excel files that are used by a third party application provider. We are planning to replace server A by a new one server B. Per instance of the application there are about 10 to in some cases 1000 excel files which need to be updated. If we need to do that by hand for every excel file it would take way to long since we only have a limited time frame in which we can migrate one instance to the new server. Find and Replace Tool for Excel worked great. It’s simple in its use and quick with finding and replacing within the excel files. In other words exactly what we were looking for"

- Steve Adams.

"Find and Replace Tool For Word is a fabulous product! It saves us an immense amount of time on our reports. It literally cut an entire day's worth of work down to an hour.  Worth every penny! " - Rob Miller, Vice President, GWANDA LLC.

"It worked great for a large change I needed to make throughout my excel documents. Congratulations on a nice piece of software development"

- Ingolf Schomacker.

"Thank you for creating a great program."

- Nicholas C Wong PE, Titan Engineers PC.